Sunday, May 24, 2009

Samsung Ultra Touch S8300

Full touch and slide up keypad with super bright AMOLED screen
The SAMSUNG Ultra Touch is a thin yet feature packed handset with a slide out keypad & super bright AMOLED touch screen.
key specifications
Weight : 122g
Dimension (HXWXD) : 110.0 x 52.0 x 12.7mm
Capacity : 880mAh
Camera Resolution : 8 Megapixel

super bright AMOLED screen
SAMSUNG UltraTOUCH screens use ultra bright AM-OLED technology. AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. The benefit of OLED is that it uses a lot less power than an LCD and doesn’t require a backlight, the result, a lot longer battery life in the product. OLED also delivers more vibrant on-screen colours and allows you to view the screen a lot better in bright light situations.

full touch with slide up keypad
The SAMSUNG Ultra Touch includes a super intuitive dual form factor input. It has a super large touch screen input as well as a full slide out keypad. Controlling your mobile phone has never been easier.

video recording
Normal video recording on your camcorder records at 24 frames per second. With the new SAMSUNG UltraTOUCH you can record at 30 frames per second, ensuring those special moments are captured with high quality. It makes editing your videos easier and your visual experience one to truly remember

8 megapixel camera
The SAMSUNG UltraTOUCH Touch’s 8 mega pixel camera takes stunning, professional quality photos whenever and wherever you want. It’s bursting with the latest in digital camera technology including Face Detection, Smile Shot, Auto Panorama Shot, Wide Dynamic Range, Auto Focus and Anti Shake. LED Dual flash ensures the perfect lighting conditions for each shot rest assured that your memories will be captured perfectly.

high speed internet
With capabilities of 7.2Mbps* HSDPA, the SAMSUNG UltraTOUCH lets you connect to the internet at speeds up to 20 times faster than 3G for faster emails and file downloads.*Subject to network availability and limitations.

GEO tagging via GPS
Geo tagging is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as photographs. So when you upload an image to the web e.g. Facebook, it will have your geographical location in it.

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