Sunday, August 16, 2009

Restoran Sharifah Seksyen 8 Bangi Baru

Category : Drink
Name : Nata De Coco Vanilla
Price : RM4
Location : Restoran Sharifah Seksyen 8 Bangi Baru
Star :***

Yesterday at 6.30 pm, my sis Emmy & i went to Bangi.. My sis wanted to give a try at Restoran Sharifah. Her friend said that the drink here is nice...One of the drink here is Nata De Coco she ordered the drink..Unfortunately the restaurant had run out the vanilla ice cream stock, so they replace it with corn ice cream, so the name should be changed Nata De Coco Corn.. the looks of the drink is great but the taste just ok..this drink taste sweet& sour..if u order this drink , u need to drink it immediately before the ice cream melts coz it will give u the horrible looks..


Their nasi lemak is quite nice..nasi kukus (don't have the picture coz i ate it last year) but the Thai food i give C if u stopped by here , don't order the Thai food..

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