Friday, February 26, 2010

Si Merah... tinggal kenangan

Inilah di antara moments sedih aku dgn si Merah Perodua Kelisa, AES 2483. Pada 21/10/2009 di Institut Perguruan Bahasa Antarabangsa, di tempat letak kereta di blok 7 IPBA, sebuah lori pembinaan yg teramatlah besar tanpa rasa kasihan telah menggores kereta aku.

Aku parking dekat tempat yg betul. Jalan-jalan di IPBA tersangatlah sempit. Di jalan tempat aku parking tu, adalah jalan menuju ke blok asrama baru yg tengah di dalam pembinaan. Manalah aku nak tahu, ada gergasi yang akan lalu ke jalan tu. Guard sepatutnya tahanlah dulu lori tu sementara menunggu semua kereta dikeluarkan oleh tuan empunya. Menurut saksi kejadian, kereta aku terangkat dgn agak tinggi semasa lori yg jahat itu menggores tepi kereta aku. Masa aku smpai tmpat kjadian ,lori tu dah blah.. apa lagi , terasa sebak betul hati .. Aku terus ke bilik asrama aku di blok 7 & call Papa , berjurai-jurai air mata keluar. Sedih sgt-sgt .. Kwn aku Yusof ,suruh aku claim pd syrkat pmbinaan tu & buat report polis.. Papa aku kata "tak payahla, depa takkan mengaku" ... aku pun tak mau pening-peningkan kepala.. aku cuba pegi buat laporan polis , dgn tujuan utk claim insurans.. thanx my dear Shelly coz temankan aku ke balai polis di saat aku tersangat-sangatlah sedih & buntu.. thanx k.Dewi call byk kali tnya situasi .. & thanx k.Yati temankan aku ambikkan report walaupun sbnrnya k.Yati ada hal hari tu.. semuanya takkan kulupakan seumur hidupku..

Byk kenangan & jasa si merah ini pada aku.
Susah senang aku dalam dunia pendidikan adalah bermula dgn si Merah nie. Jasa si merah ini bermula pada bulan ke-3 aku di Maktab Ipoh... Kini si Merah sudah bertukar milik tuan, aku sudah menjualnya :( .. Dan pada hari ini , aku mendapat khabar, si Silver Myvi sudah bertandang di hometown aku di Ipoh, menunggu aku dgn penuh setia utk berkhidmat dgnku & berkongsi suka duka dgn aku.. Buat sementara nie aku meminjam kereta mak aku si biru Perodua Kelisa AFH.

I LOVE BOTH OF U SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keretaku berpeluh kesakitan :(

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saba' Restaurant

This original arabic restaurant is damn nice . Pak Arab , tauke restaurant nie :) ..The rice is so nice , using basmathi rice I guess, & full with aroma. Nice smell. The price is affordable, around RM10 per plate with chicken . One plate of rice can be shared with 2 persons... too much.. I've tried chicken kabsha & chicken kebab.. recommended!! :) .. Located in Cyberjaya, next to International College. The clear landmark to go to this restaurant is Cyberjaya Bus Terminal , this restaurant opposite the terminal. How did I find this place? My friend Kak Dewi suggested it, then I tried to find it by using my GARMIN !! :) Garmin can guide u to ur destination :) This is the 1st restaurant I found using GARMIN :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Name Is Khan

My name is Khan ... starring Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol memang kaw kaw best .. I predict this will be the best Hindi movie for 2010 , movie of the year.. segelen air mata kuar..

Kak sue & I went to Cathay E-curve today .. I rate 5 stars for the movie.. Full with humanity message.. The tagline for this movies, in the world there are only good humans & bad humans. It is not Islam peoples are bad, Hindu peoples bad, or Christian peoples are bad...... It is not the religions makes people bad..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sate Hut Tanjung Karang

Sate Hut . Sate Paling Besar di Negeri Selangor Rm 1.10/pc.

Rokh nak kawin!! So kengkawan yg nak gi rumah Rokh leh lah singgah Sate Hut.. tak rugi punya, sodap beb.. kalu u'all lalu ikut meru, on the way je gi rumah Rokh. So where it is?
Located in Tanjong Karang, Selangor, nearby Tanjung Karang Hospital. Opened at 4.30 pm till 2.00 am. .. I LOVE SATE so much since 8 years old. So far, my tongue said this is the best sate that i've ever eaten. Eventhough quite far from Puchong, it is about 1 hour 15 minute , it worth my petrol :) . “Sate Hut”, a place to taste a “king size” sate. The main attraction is the “king-size” sate which cost u rm1.10, there are also ordinary size sate for small stomach that cost u rm0.60. But, I suggest that u try the king size :) . I prefer this sate compare to satay samuri kajang. U can taste the spice when u eat the sate. Other than sate, I also have tried bihun goreng basah pedas ( I like it so much) , & mee bandung ( my sister like it). Overall 5x already I went there , either with kak su, or kak emy. Kak sue's mom like the "bubur nasi" ( I haven't tried yet, coz i'm not in favour of bubur nasi).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Show House 16 Sierra

IOI Properties has launched 16 Sierra last Jan , 30/01/2010 & I was there ..Haha makan free beb.. tapi aku diet.. Nasib baik cuma nasi lemak, mee hoon goreng, ayam goreng dan kuih kuih, so tak la aku terliur bila tak makan..It is located in the downtown of Puchong Precinct, next to Equine Park neighbouring Cyberjaya and Putrajaya

The first phase of 16 Sierra, starting from RM448,900 each with the built up 22 x 75.
Gila babas mahal beb.. Dah la least hold... Why it is least hold? This is not mining land, but it previously was a part of forest reserve. With this price I can buy big double storey semi-D house + free hold land tenure in Ipoh city. Why am I not planning to buy my house in Ipoh ? This due to the reason, it is very hard to transfer back to Ipoh.. JPS won't easily let go all the staffs.

Ada ke orang kisah harganya? Manala depa cekau duit ek? The developer can sell any unreasonable price yet those investor with big pocket still buy it. Those people actually buy the house not to stay as home, but they keep it as investment.. Those people really make people like me sick & suffer.. Sakit giler hati aku..

Even though , I don't have money to buy this 16 Sierra house, I pretend to be one of the future investor.. I try my best to converse in English since everybody there is using English.. Sometimes, Malaysia situation, people especially business person will look down on u , depreciate u, as if u're uneducated person, if u use Malay language... so whose fault is this? Answer it by ur own.

Back to the topic.. I love to visit any showhouse .. Why ? Coz I love to capture the photos inside the house to get the idea of their interior design. There are a lot of other showhouse photos for my upcoming blog post.

The Dry Kitchen With The Counter Bar

The Wet Kitchen

The Rooms' Design

Haaa .. bilik istirehat nie pun aku capture gak..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bank Loan VS Government Loan

Aku tahu tindakan mengenepikan government loan untuk membeli rumah, bukanlah tindakan yg bijak .. The best loan in Malaysia is government loan with fixed rate 4% ..Guaranteed fixed interest rate for the entire loan period or up to 30 years. Absolutely no fluctuations in interest rate. The only one opportunity to lock in at these fantastic low fixed rates for up to 25-30 years.

still, I have to choose bank loan, I don't have other options coz government allocates my maximum loan range far away from the current price of puchong 2 storey terrace house, I don't have enough cash money.. & maximum period is merely 25 years based on my retirement age from government... If I choose bank loan it can cover the whole amount of house price & I can choose 40 years period of home loan.. Take a longer tenure to ensure lower monthly instalments repayment so that it will not be burdensome should I be financially tight in my whole life for years. After counting with loan calculator for my targetting house, I'll be able to pay monthly if it is 40 years period. Of couse I've considered my pension after retirement. But the risks is fluctuating BLR ..No one can actually predict what the interest rate will be in the next twenty (20) to fourty (40) years. Historically, interest rates for home loans have certainly seen their share of ups and downs over the past years.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Working with idiots can kill you!!!

Click on the article for better view ....

Mozzarella Baked Fish

Wholesome baked Dory fish filet coated with luxurius mozarella cheese. Then it garnished with cherry tomatoes. It served with fresh steamed bed of asparagus and golden brown potatoes cutlets. The price is quite expensive RM17.50 per plate. Where can we get this mozarella baked fish? Just go to the Secret Recipe nearby.. My sister Emmy like it so much .. but my tongue say NO, don't order it again ! .. I would rather order a piece of rasberry yoghurt cheese cake accompany with a cup of coffee..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Buah & Diet

Diambil dari blog kakak ku k.emmy :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pemburuan Hartanah: Aman Perdana Showhouse

Gua sekarang sibuk mencari rumah.. so my dear friends if u know any double-storey house around 250K area Puchong or Bangi, plz inform me.. I don't mind whether it is new house from developer or 2nd hand house.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sedap bangat :)

Haa.. success in promoting BBQ Chicken 100% Olive Oil in my blog.. So i should ask the owner for comisyen :) My colleague, kak shikin said "sedap sgt" .. & hot drumstick "pedas betul ".. and she said that she will come again for sure :) Hmm memang betullah tagline restaurant nie :They returned for more, when they found out the BBQ Chicken were actually good..

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa , an established name in Kg Baru KL since 1973. The brand is so well-known that they have ventured into franchising now. I've tried the branch at Puchong, at shoplots in front of IOI Mall. It not satisfy my taste .. but I like the bergedil. I am more off spicy sambal lover, baru la ada kick beb .. Unfortunately, Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa's sambal is the sweet type. This was the ultimate reason that I won't come here again. However, Papa (my father) like it ..