Thursday, August 20, 2009

Master VS Degree

What was the difference between my master convocation & degree convocation?
  • Master convocation I went for the raptai alone, degree convocation my buddies, my clicks about 10 of us ( my coursemates, my housemates ) went to raptai.
  • Master convocation I just viewed the steps to go to the stage demostrated by others, degree convocation they called all the undergraduate to experience the rehearsal.
  • Master convocation I felt sad without my bestfriend who I assume as my ownsister (, felt emptiness ..Degree convocation together with my bestfriend during USM time Salamah, we prayed Zohor together at library , hold each other hand and ran to lecture hall K..we ran and ran coz we late in time..I still felt the happiness at that moment.
  • In the date of real convocation, master I was surrounding with a lot of person I didn't know, degree most of the person inside the hall were my friends.
  • In the date of real convocation, master I only celebrated with my with my family and friends.
  • In the date of real convocation, Master: mama,abg, k.emy, Syuhadah came .. Degree: Papa, Mama, K.Ina, K.emy & Arif (dlm perut k.ina ) came
  • Master convocation : DECTAR UKM , Degree Convocation: Dewan Tunku Syed Putra USM
  • Master : Our "jubah" has line "jalur"...yes , jalur tu lah yg membezakan jubah master dgn degree.. jubah degree without that "jalur".. ( same to all University, to identify the master look at the stripe/line, for pHD the cap is different from master& degree)
  • Master : Fakulti Pendidikan ( Orange ) Degree : Fakulti Sains ( Purple )
  • YES the only thing that was same between Master & Degree was the cap ( topi konvo).

In conclusion.. degree convocation was the friendship moments, since degree time, hidupku matiku selama 4 tahun di kampus USM, while master convocation it's all about loneliness, experience a strong sense of emptiness and solitude .. I just did it part time, went to lecture a few hours at UKM and then went back home..

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