Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Show House 16 Sierra

IOI Properties has launched 16 Sierra last Jan , 30/01/2010 & I was there ..Haha makan free beb.. tapi aku diet.. Nasib baik cuma nasi lemak, mee hoon goreng, ayam goreng dan kuih kuih, so tak la aku terliur bila tak makan..It is located in the downtown of Puchong Precinct, next to Equine Park neighbouring Cyberjaya and Putrajaya

The first phase of 16 Sierra, starting from RM448,900 each with the built up 22 x 75.
Gila babas mahal beb.. Dah la least hold... Why it is least hold? This is not mining land, but it previously was a part of forest reserve. With this price I can buy big double storey semi-D house + free hold land tenure in Ipoh city. Why am I not planning to buy my house in Ipoh ? This due to the reason, it is very hard to transfer back to Ipoh.. JPS won't easily let go all the staffs.

Ada ke orang kisah harganya? Manala depa cekau duit ek? The developer can sell any unreasonable price yet those investor with big pocket still buy it. Those people actually buy the house not to stay as home, but they keep it as investment.. Those people really make people like me sick & suffer.. Sakit giler hati aku..

Even though , I don't have money to buy this 16 Sierra house, I pretend to be one of the future investor.. I try my best to converse in English since everybody there is using English.. Sometimes, Malaysia situation, people especially business person will look down on u , depreciate u, as if u're uneducated person, if u use Malay language... so whose fault is this? Answer it by ur own.

Back to the topic.. I love to visit any showhouse .. Why ? Coz I love to capture the photos inside the house to get the idea of their interior design. There are a lot of other showhouse photos for my upcoming blog post.

The Dry Kitchen With The Counter Bar

The Wet Kitchen

The Rooms' Design

Haaa .. bilik istirehat nie pun aku capture gak..

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