Thursday, August 20, 2009

Palma Cafe Bangi

15/08/09 - I went to this Palma Cafe for the second times.. 1st time went there with my sis & 2nd time with my sis K.Emy.. I think the 2nd times will be the last time for me to go there. I really felt annoyed with the waiter. .the waiter is Indonesian man, came to take the order without any single paper.. I said "make sure, there won't be any mistake", he just smile ..My sis ask for tapioca ( ubi kayu ), then he said the cafe run out of the coconut.. I said "how come, u're not preparing the stock".. then he just smile.. my sis ask him to buy the coconut then he said it will take sis said it's OK, we can wait..

A few minutes later:
Another waiter came & serve us 2 soft drink ( strawberry F&N ) ..actually we ask for 1 only.. then I asked the waiter to cancel one of the glasses...

Ok , now the review about the food we had ordered :

Category : Food

Name : Ubi Kayu Rebus

Price : RM 6

Stars : ***1/2

Grade : B+

Review :

I love to eat ubi kayu.. this plate served with gula merah, kelapa, sambal & belacan.. This kelapa parut is make by lazy people.. usually kelapa parut that served is in white colour, but this plate it comes together with the brown layer... what i like the most here is the sambal.. it quite hot and good taste

Category : Food
Name :
Black Pepper Chicken Chop
Price :
RM 8 ( i can't remember well )
Star : ****
Grade : A-
Review :
The black pepper taste is so pure..u can taste the coarse grind of black pepper.. the poor thing about this plate is it comes to you with out extra dishes.. it just accompany with junkfood, the msg potato chips..the chips taste like Jack n Jill.

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