Sunday, June 28, 2009

My memory regarding Michael Jackson

I'm sad that Michael Jackson, 50 years old, has left us last Friday, 19 Jun 2009. But he left us inspired. And unforgettable moments.MJ remind me of my childhood life...1st time i heard the news about MJ passed away..i was just like automatically remind me a lot the times when i was kid..i grow with his songs..Moonwalk inspired me..Well, MJ has become an Idol for me since i was a kid then.. through thriller and smooth criminal video, i fell in love with dancing.. i felt his the most original and most passionate when he grooves... his Mr Legend!!.. king of pop..we grow up with his song, sadly missed, and we will miss his moonwalk... he is one of the best dancer in this world truly respect to him..opened his heart & soul for Islam...may Allah bless him...Al-Fatihah...

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