Thursday, July 16, 2009

Addicted To Facebook

I am addicted to facebook as I addicted to my Nescafe Gold :) Can't live without opening the facebook, at least once a day.. I am fascinated by Pet Society, Barn Buddy, viewing the photo album of my friends , commenting and chatting. Such a release from the stress :) ... My working life is almost suffocating, just like you breath at outer space.. can we breath at outer space? Of course not, that is how i feel.. I can't keep on thinking of work when returning home.. Should i? No, I shouldn't.. So this is a path for me to channel all the stress out.. :) ..So now, i have the option , either blog or facebook :)

A book that hooked millions of people worldwide to open it religiously on
a daily, hourly or even minutely basis. The book with its content so vast, diverse and addictive, is almost an epic in itself , even you can throw Barrack Obama, Dato' Najib Razak, Tun Mahathir, Faizal Tahir or Yuna as ur friend..

Have u ever wondered, who create this
magic book? Fairy godmother? Superman? Vampire? .. was by a university student..Mark Zuckerberg Fwb 4th, 2004..from his Harvard dorm room to computer screen all over the world..

The best part of facebook, through the site, u can find long-lost classmate, add them as friend, send them a message and chit chatting. Moreover , depending on the application you added, you can poke, hug, kiss, send a love, all stuff of food, commenting on each others' picture...With the wide range of possibility in connecting with friends and sharing, it is no wonder people are jumpping into Facebook faster than one can say "bandwagon". After all, it is all in
the spirit of connectivity and fun.

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