Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cozy Corner

Last December on my birthday, my sister Emmy treated me at Cozy Corner. Cozy, which means comfortable, intimate and friendly.. the restaurant is exactly like the name. It located at new building of Jaya Shopping Complex , PJ .. Jaya 33. This restaurant is worth to try out although it quite expensive. It caters wide range of food, fusion concepts, Local+Chinese+Thai+Western foods.

Menu? We ordered Asparagus with Prawn ( A+) it tasted great, Spicy Prawn ( B-) coz the sambal tasted sweet, & Dried Chillies Chicken (B+).


Sukimin said...

last time there was one cozy coener in alamanda. agree, the food was nice

zt said...

but expensive gb :)

♥ baiti ♥ said...

cozy corner sedap~ but jgn order bihun goreng singapore die!!

♥ baiti ♥ said...

u should try their prawn cocktail!

zt said...

mmg sedap, next time akak try prawn cocktail :)