Sunday, April 18, 2010

PapaRich Restaurant

Yo, it's me!!! I'm back.. Recenty i'm so busy , a lot of things to do in all angles: school tasks , searching for suitable contractor with affordable price,appointment with the lawyer,exhibition bla bla bla.. Next week & the week after will be more busy.. I need to ensure that i've completed all tasks before "angkat kaki".. Always pray "Ya ALLAH permudahkanlah segala urusankanku".. The good news from my friend inspire me to speed up my engine though haven't got black& starting from tomorrow onward i've to restrict my net surfing time.. OK..stop talking about myself.. today destination for the blog is Pappa Rich..I went here last January with K.shikin..
What is so special about Pappa Rich?.. kak shikin introduce & recommend the place, so ask her.. Haha.. Of course, the steam bun.. What else? Here the menu ...

Tong Guen : the soya milk dessert.. I like it! 3 1/2 stars.. I can't give 5 stars coz I have to wait for almost an hour.. the waiter said that glutinous rice balls (bebola gandum pulut) need time to cook.. It served with 3 glutinous rice balls , each is filled differently, black sesame, nuts, &"kacang hitam"

Soya Milk : Hehe mana2 pun ada..

Kuey Tiaw with chicken soup : I like it! 3 1/2 stars

So, where can we find this outlet in Puchong? ... IOI boulevard OR shop outlets next to Giant Bandar Puteri

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