Thursday, October 21, 2010


COOKING ACTIVITIES is USELESS to student? Time wasting activities? Can't be an xtra school activities? My goodness , please open your mind.. don't be too closeminded.. .. Some students do not have any chance to learn how to cook at home, some of them have never touch the pan & other utensils.. Pity them.. Especially those anak org kaya, ada bibik ... The activities can be something thrilled for them.. & will be sweet moments for them.. They also can learn to cooperate with their friends while cooking together.. So this contribute to our nation aspiration "MEMBINA MODAL INSAN".. Moreover cooking is ART OF LIFE! By right, chef is one of the demanding carrier with high pay salary.. so we should inculcate the interest & skill of cooking to the students from the younger age..

In fact , cooking is a beautiful tool to teach students science....
Science can be tricky business, particularly because science is about seeing, experiencing and experimenting. Without these, it is difficult to appreciate why things happen and how they happen. So with cooking it can cater all these...It is about looking, tasting, smelling and feeling.

Teachers would teach the students by using their 5 senses while cooking - Sight, Smell, Touch, Hear and Taste ... and create vary questions & answers to make students understand about the wisdom of science around them... about acidic& alkaline, neutralization, heat, condensation, state of matter etc..
Perhaps , tell them about the nervous system and how information is passed to the brain when we taste something ...

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