Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seoul Garden

Td kat office , kak ct kata dia & kak ros suka mkn steamboat .. Maka aku pun recommend Seoul Garden.. One of my fav.. but if u want to eat it here during weekdays , i suggest that u choose Friday during the lunch time... kalu tidak rugi , byr mahal tp MASA sket, MAKAN sket.. It'll cost u rm27 for lunch........ rm36 for dinner.. ..HALAL TAK ? Don't worry it's Halal certified.

So when was my 1st time here? .. Last yr with my best friend kak su, experienced unique self-serving buffet at Seoul Garden IOI Mall.. The environment here is nice ... My farewell "party", 25 May 2010 also held at the Seoul Garden.. Thanx to my dear friends k.shikin, k.kausalya , k.rathi, k.jee, k.zura, rokh, akmal belanja gua makan smpai tak larat bangun (●*∩_∩*●) I like the Chinese Herbal soup a lot, the tomyam soup is just like maggi paste. There are 4 varieties of soups that you can choose including Chinese Herbal, Ginseng Chicken, Tomyam and Kimchi. As for food it is a bit normal just like normal steamboat buffet... kak su doesn't like steamboat, so she always goes for grill.. it has choice of boil or grill.

For the grill purpose, it has over 10 varieties of seasoned meats & intense meat-marinates !!! Meats are marinated into different flavours including black pepper, Szechuan, Bulgogi, Char siew, chili, curry, tomyam, teriyaki and garlic... My no. 1 fav is chicken black pepper  ( いちばんすきですよ!)

And also wide varieties of seafood products including prawn, lala, kepah, brown squid, bamboo clam, half shell mussel, half shell scallop and crab. So u can take what ever u want & the quantities are UNLIMITED .. but for the IOI outlet u've to finish what u've taken, or else u need to pay an extra RM for the left-over food.. Morale : JGN MEMBAZIR !!
There are varieties of 6 ice cream at one time and not only that, it also have the corn flakes, blended nuts and raisins. Perfectly nice for those who like to have add on their ice cream DIY type.

Drinks section....just ok.... with the range of drinks offered. There are tea or coffee, carbonated drinks and cordial fruit juices.

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