Monday, November 15, 2010

Wow!! Italiannies...

Yesterday , kak su & i went to kak ina & en Z new house. We had been assigned a task of checking the house's defects.. I&P house @ BK9 was not as bad as mine... Only a few minor defects.. Then guess what? Wooohoooo, en Z & k.ina belanja makan :)

Italiannies ... !! It was my 1st .. the restaurant provides an alternative ambiance to the hearty Italian theme..

Here's the menu.. but careful when u want to choose ur menu... Read carefully the ingredient. Some of the meals in the menu have been cooked together with the wine... same like TGI's Friday & Chillis .. they mention it clearly there..

The best thing here was the starters .. their starters were freshly baked bread with a touch of olive oil & balsamic venegar .. It's supplementary together with the meal :) Meaning FOC , when u're ordering ur meals ! :)

How did the bread looks like ? Here the pic .. This was my favourite! Home-made Foccacia & Tuscan Bread that served together with olive oil & balsamic vinegar... It was exquisite ..

Little Addruce's fav too :)

The olive oil mix together with balsamic vinegar & then cicah.. nampak macam kicap pun ada :)

Another favourite : Toasted Bruschetta topped with marinated tomatoes, pesto sauce & parmesan cheese

Pasta lover , u should try the Spaghetti & Meatballs.. CAN'T forget it ! Two huge & giant meatballs really awesome !

& this is Rolled Stuffed Chicken Breast.. I didn't like this menu, the tomatoes were sourish.. Kak Ina said " tak sedap, rasa mcm nak pulangkan balik je ".. :) ..I was too hungry at the time to complain :)

Next.. Chicken Lasagna .. layers of lasagna paste, creamy cheese sauce with melted mozzarella cheese & baked until golden brown..

We conclude the lunch with Creme' Brulee .. I love the burnt caramel on top of it :)..

Finally, En Z ordered this mineral water before we went off to our separate ways.. Guess how much this mineral water ? Huuuuhhhh lagi mahal dari air jus dia ! RM16 per bottle ( 500ml )..

Imported from Italy.. Lebih baik bli Spritzer made in Malaysia :)

In conclusion, it was a great meal n great time spent with my x-housemate & her family together with my bestfriend kak su... Love all of u :* :* :* :* Then, kak su & I did some window shopping in the Soho Empire Shopping Gallery & bought some food stuffs @ Jaya Grocer.

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