Monday, January 4, 2010

The Best Things About IKEA

is FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like this chicken wings so much.. & it's quite only cost u rm1.70 per piece

...... and I love this meat ball . Fuhh , 5 stars beb!! They said that this is Swiss style. When u dip the meat ball inside the brown gravy it's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai :)

This chicken meal, it just 3 stars.. average taste

DAIM!!!!!!!!!! Not Abang Daim or Tun Daim ...but Daim cake .. This cake can beat secret recipe cake.. If u're Daim chocolates lovers , u'll definitely fall in love with this Daim cake.

& the troly is provided so u can ensure u won't miss any fav meal :) The drinks such as Coffee & carbonated drink u can refill until u die ;) unlimited..............


Pelangi said...

sedappppp nyaaaaa..xde pun gmbr karipap ikea yg aku pesan aritu..huhu

zt said...

hehe gmbar karipap tak cantik , blur sket , jd aku pun tak upload ;)