Saturday, January 2, 2010

Routines Visit To Nando

It may be too late to review Nandos. Originated from South Africa, it has been in Malaysia for years . This restaurant is one of the routines that I must go tu fulfill my stomach at least 3x a year. My family and I love to eat Nandos so much especially my Mama. There is no Nandos outlet at Ipoh.. Ipoh always lag behind :(

I'm attracted to Nandos by their authentic Portuguese eating experience. The taste of this Portugese grilled chicken is sour & spicy. Nandos is an excellent concept but it is on the expensive side for what u'll get,1/4 chicken that served with only 2 side dishes compare to Kenny Rogers that have 3 side dishes together with muffin is around RM14 per plate. The ice lemon tea which can be refilled unlimited cost around RM6.90..this price excluding 15% service charge & 10% goverment charge. Therefore my family & I always ordered only 1 glass of ice lemon tea sharing with 4 persons and ask for refill each time glass is empty :).. so that it'll be worth it to pay RM6.90.

Compared to other restaurants of the same type, Nando’s specialty is that it has various kind of Peri sauces on each table – from tomato to super hot peri. I like the Extra Hot the most. The chicken was tender, moist and juicy but the sauce was not as hot as I was craving for. The coleslaw was fine but can't compete with Kenny Roger's coleslaw. Meanwhile my nephew & niece ..syuhada, hakim, arif love to eat mild peri peri.. Actually the extra hot is not too hot to our Malaysian tongue which already get used to the "cili api'..You can purchase the sauces from their counter as well.

There are 4 levels of spiciness to choose from:

  • Lemon & Herb
  • Mild Peri-Peri
  • Hot Peri-Peri
  • Extra Hot Peri-Peri


Anonymous said...

Salam Zeti,
Selamat tahun baru... amy all your wishes come true :)

I love nandos too.. suke si peri peri dia tuh.hehe

zt said...

tq ijan :) wish u & family ALL the best too :) .. Happy Nw Yr :)

Pelangi said...

nnt jumpa kita makan nados ye..salad je la..kata on diet :

zt said...

gmbr2 makanan yg aku upload nie stok 2009.. tu yg jadi berat berlebihan... obes dah skrag beb, malu tgk cermin