Sunday, January 10, 2010

Breeks Cafe

Those who want to try something else that nice, u can go to Breeks Cafe at IOI Mall Puchong.. Quite expensive but worth for ur money & tummy :) I like this cafe so much especially Chicken Cajun.. the way the waiter serves Chicken Cajun is fantastic..they close the meal with the special iron lid, once they open it, you can here the sound of food..the sizzzz sound..go and feel it yourself.. I rate 4 stars fo this Breeks Cafe :)



Anonymous said...

ohohoh...sungguh menyelerakan. bile mau sampai neh.hehehe

zt said...

mmg sedap... tapi agak mahal la beb.. ijan, kalu dah balik malaysia mai la ke KL

rathi said...

Is this in the new wing, zt?

zt said... wings next to Papa John pizza outlet..near Nandos.. after my diet session i'm going to try Seoul Garden.. Breeks & Seoul Garden have the same owner, that's why they share the lot