Saturday, January 23, 2010

My New Sun Glasses..


Got it.. Hutang lagi beb..Recently, mylife is full with debts..last month i got dismal letter from Visa Maybank..letter with large sums that i can't bear to read it..I can't manage to settle it with my monthly salary so that i have to withdraw from my saving..My new Guess sunglasses from MOG Outlet at IOI Mall cost me RM320 after discount.. Women love shopping.. That is totally true... AND that is totally me :) .. It such a stress therapy.. I've lost my Bonia sunglasses last year at Penang.. accidently dropped at shopping complex.. Yeahh dah ada pengganti :) Not only that, I also bought another sunglasses brand Jojo New York at One Utama, after discount it cost me RM30..the salepeople said it imported from New York.. whether it is true or not, i don't know.. I bought it so that I've one , the cheaper one..that i can left it inside my car for immediate use whenever I need it

Hehe hilang 1 ganti 2 ;) ...Now that i can protect my eyes from the harmful UV light ;p

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