Thursday, August 20, 2009

Warung Dusun Bangi

Warung Dusun meal prices are quite cheap compare to other eating place that similar to this in Bangi.

Though they are famous for their Sup Gear Box, I hate it.. A lot of cow's fat inside that later will be my fat.. my brother Rizal ordered it because he want to try ... 1st trial and it will be the last.. This soup make from the sum sum tulang lembu.
I love to eat ikan kerapu so much.. no matter which style of any places..any restaurant..the taste is so great!!!!!
Otak-otak at Warung Dusun is the best so far... Kurang manis & rasa pedas ..
Kerang rebus, mana-manapun rasa sama..buat sendiri pun rasa mcm tu gak.. it just that i'm so lazy to buy the kerang ..

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