Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nuin's Corner Bangi

Nuin's Corner is a Malay's restaurant with Malay meals and dishes mainly from Perak. The prices are quite expensive if we compare the same meal to the other Malay's restaurant or stall.

Kek berlauk...totemo oishii desu...delicious... ga takai desu yo!!... tapi mahal la beb.. in Perak u can get this kuih from any stall tepi jalan RM1 for 3 pieces.. but here i forgot the price, I think the is around rm3 for 2 pieces

Popia basah the taste just average nice, i think that Popiah SS Ali is better.

I like this Nuin's teh special ... RM3.50 per glass... i always ask for kurang manis .. they use fresh milk with low fat to mix with the tea...

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