Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vaxigrip Vaccine

Common Name
Influenza vaccine

"Yesterday at 11 am, I got a sms from my colleague K.Kausalya " Smlm i dgn bdk2 pergi klnik kirti, ambil injection rm70" ... After k.kausalya gave the phone number of Dr Nadaraja , immediately i make an appoinment at 11.50am with the Dr.. When I reach the Mediviron Clinic, i felt scared when saw a few of patient coughing.. I tried to stay as far as I can from them...At 12.20pm a man came with teribble cough..OMG, I felt like I want to ran away from the clinic.. Luckily a few minutes later my name has been called to enter the Dr's room..

I got an injection into a muscle on the upper arm. The injection that the Dr give to me was Vaxigrip..only one vaccine left in the clinic..I was the last person to get the injection before they order a new stock..but Dr Nadaraja said that he didn't know when will the stock send to his clinis..may be a month later.. What vaxigrip is all about? Here some information about this vaccine.

How does this medication work? What will it do for me?

This medication belongs to a group of medications known as vaccines. It is used to prevent influenza ("the flu"). Influenza is a common viral illness caused by 2 types of virus: influenza A and influenza B.

Each year, different strains (new, slightly different versions of the virus) appear. Scientists predict which strains will be most likely for the coming year, and then these strains are used to make up the year's influenza vaccine. Each year's influenza vaccine contains 3 virus strains that are likely to circulate in Canada in the coming winter. The vaccine only provides protection against the strains of flu virus used to prepare the vaccine.

The vaccine increases a person's defenses against the influenza virus. It works by introducing very small amounts of viral components (parts) into the body. These components are enough to stimulate the production of antibodies (cells designed to attack that particular virus), which will remain in the body ready to attack that same virus in the future.

The vaccine is used to prevent influenza for people over 6 months of age who want to reduce their chances of getting the flu.

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