Friday, August 28, 2009

JUMPA LAGI !!!!! ( mata ai mashou )

Ja ne - Between good close friends. -I use it with friends I've known for years especially girls. Also I use this to people who are younger than me. Like right now I'm 28, I'd use this to teenagers and below.
(More manly way of saying it would be ja na. I use this with my guy friends)

Matane - I Use to casual friends or friends I don't know too well. For example if I meet some one for the first time and hit it off I will use this when I say good bye. Literal meaning is see you again but I guess it's closer to "See ya (around)". Basically you're promising to see them without making a promise but giving a slight hint that you enjoyed their company and wouldn't mind seeing them again.

Dewa mata - Is a somewhat formal way of saying matane. I use this to people who are older than I am. Or in a relaxed business situation. If I'm close to the person I'm talking to I'd use dewa mata and a slight bow of the head. But I wouldn't use this in a formal situation because it would be too casual then.

Ja mata -
I would use to people who are maybe only 2 or 3 years older than I am and sharing a close relationship. Rarely business and more personal.

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