Friday, August 21, 2009

Make You Own Jiggler !


A dry cell is one of many sources of electricity
By making the connection – battery, wires and motor, an electrical circuit is completed
When the circuit is completed, the transformation of energy happens as below:
chemical energy ---> electrical energy ---> kinetic energy


A used CD or diskette (or anything that can be used as a body)
Paper clips or thick wire (for legs)
Wire cutters
Wire strippers/cutter
Pliers (to shape the legs)
Wire with alligator clips at each end
Duct tape
An electric motor
A battery (AA)
4 cm of glue stick for an off-center weight (or an eraser)
A glue gun and glue stick (Only to be used under adult supervision)
Decorative craft materials (pipe cleaners, feathers, felt, cloth, googly eyes etc)


Draw the model of your Jiggler on a piece of paper and decide which materials you will use to make one.
You can use any suitable material for the body and you will also need to choose the length and number of paper clips/thick wires to be used as the legs.

Unbend all 4 paper clips using pliers.
The paper clips will form the legs on your Jiggler.
All legs should be of the same length.
Place one of the legs on the edge of the diskette, hold it down and glue it to the diskette.
Wait for a few minutes for the glue to dry.
Be careful of the hot glue!

Do this with the other three legs, ensuring that they are spaced evenly.

Cut the wire attached to the alligator clips in two parts.
Using the wire stripper/cutter, strip about 2 cm of plastic off the ends of each end of the wire, exposing the copper wires.

Using tape, tape each set of exposed copper wires to each end of the battery.
Connect the alligator clips to the two motor leads.
This will complete the circuit and start the motor.
You should feel a slight vibration in the motor.

Then disconnect your circuit
Cut a 4 cm piece of glue stick and push it, lengthwise, onto the shaft of the motor.
Make sure that the weight is securely attached and it can also move about without bumping into other parts of the Jiggler.

Attach the motor securely (using a piece of duct tape or hot glue) to the top of the diskette.

Attach the battery with the duct tape, but make sure you can get to the battery when it needs a replacement.

Have fun decorating your Jiggler using the craft materials provided.

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