Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fitness First , Free ...( FF )

OMG free ?? No such thing.. being born in this century,even if we want to pee it also need money..Fitness first just a place to free ur fat..Fitness means condition of being physically i fit?

Here my body composition analysis using TBF-300 analyzer:

BMI : 26.4
Body Metabolism Rate : 1347 kcal ( quite low, average should be 1500-1700 )
Fat % : 37.3 %
Fat mass : 24.6 kg ( this is equally to 2 big sacks of rice ) average 10.3kg so fat to lose : 14.3 kg

Desirable range:
Fat % : 17- 24 %
Fat Mass: 8.5 - 13.1 kg
Predictable weight: 51.7 kg
Predicted fat mass : 10.3 kg

The targetting area, waist: at the belly button, hips : at the widest point, thigh: 6 inches above the knee cap..
My analysis is quite far from desirable just like i need to reach the Moon, so that I need shutter-space.. My shutter-space : Fitness First

Yesterday i went to JJ Bukit Tinggi, initially my intention was just to ask about the fee..I wasn't intend to join it this month..I met Mr Vicky one of the consultant.. He gave me a brief and brought me around..yeah, I saw everybody happily did the exercise use all sorts of machine: treadmill, elliptical, stepper, stationary bike, rower & wave.. Moreover, it has 2 sauna rooms inside...Sound good? The most interesting part, it has the studios with well-planned schedule ..Group Exercise Studio:Body Step, Body Pump, Hi Lo, Yoga, Body Combat, Yoga, Body Jam, Body Combat, Body Attack, Line Dance...Mind & Body Studio : Pilates, Gentle & Flow, Body Balance..Then after visiting around and explaining session, here the most difficult part to face, the trapped by the business minded people..they set bait for the potential customer..Mr Vicky gave special discount, and said this discount only for 1st visiting, if I rejected the offer and planning to register at FF IOI mall it will consider as 2nd visit..I was also felt guilty to Mr Vicky if I wasn't joined the club after he spend almost 1 hour 5 min explainning..(Yeah, of course now when i think about it, I shouldn't feel guilty, those are his job routine & he is paid for that job ! ) Unconsciously, I handed my credit card to him.. as a result in a second RM310 was debitted inside my credit card & next month it will be RM 185..

Here the fee all about:
Life Style fee, contract 12 months..August considered as free gift, so it will end Sep 2009

Admin : RM 109
Joinning : RM 52 ( before discount : rm 199 )
Body First: RM 149 ( I will get this back if i follow the scheduled set by them)
The following month : RM185

This fee including all I've mentioned above..In addition, my package comes with a card that is considered as passport card which I can join any of fitness first centre...RM 185 is cheap if I make commitment to go there everyday as my routine & make it as habit.. this is simple calculation : RM185 /30 days : rm 6.17

So, if my body fat percentage is decreasing, then this fee is paying off...

Immediately after that I got this bag....

What inside this bag?

Many people are energised and motivated by music. I fall into this with this good set of head phone, I might consider investing in a personal music player.. This way , i can pump iron to my favourite tunes...

Here is wise word from Napoleon Hill to guide me :
First comes 'thought' , then the organisation of that thought into ideas and plans followed by transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as u'll observe, is in ur imagination..

Here my friends' comment about my decision :
Now, it's time to make it happen !!!!!!!!!!

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