Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hadiah Dari Boss :)

Who are they? The agent from Dark Vader? Hehe actually they are personnel from Health Department who came to my school yesterday (18/08/09 - Mon) to give "Surat Perintah Tutup Premis"..So ini perintah ye..jgn degil .. Another 2 pupils from my school get infected by Influenza A H1N1.. Pity them, plz pray 4 them,hopefully they will recover soon from the illness..
I was not in school yesterday, happily celebrating my day..capture picture here and there...it's my 3rd convo and I was lucky to have the King on the stage,Duli Yg Maha Mulia Yg Di-pertuan Besar Ngri Smbilan Tuanku Muhriz Ibni Al-marhum Tuanku Munawir..Suppose the King attends the 1st sidang, but he can't make it so he attends the 5th Sidang (it's mine)..After the event, I went to the studio to capture the picture with my family..quite expensive, it cost me RM215..but i still willing to pay it, since this event is one of the important event in mylife..Suddenly after the photo shooting, I got the sms from my colleague, K.kausalya, K.shikin, k.see, pang that tomorrow the school will be closed...Shocking news...I don't expect the early holiday..Around 5.30pm I got SMS from my Boss En Sukimin : " Tahniah! Hadiah saya untuk graduasi awak ialah cuti 14 hari, hehe " ...so today i feel great to recover from all the yesterday tiredness :)

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